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Brendan Head Shots 11In 2010 I left London, England, to assist a Chicago based entrepreneur prepare and sell a specialized data, web-enabled applications, and professional services company: CVM Solutions.

I have consistently proven I am an enterprising business leader with excellent interpersonal skills and a sound reputation for effective collaboration and managing change with enthusiasm.

Following the sale in 2011, I was promoted by the new corporate owners (Kroll) to stabilize the core business, comprising 120 employees, based onshore and overseas, and serving half of the Fortune 100.

As Managing Director, I led the formation and creation of a new management team.  I led strategy and execution across all functional areas: Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Product Management, Master Data Management, Product Development and Professional Services.  I also built the trust and business relationships essential to an effective Offshore Operation based in Hyderabad, India.

I dramatically increased profitability and delivered stability throughout a period of constant change.  I’m told I speak the language of business and integrate this seamlessly with the necessary human elements required to make any business successful.  I’ve mastered the skill of being able to connect with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and levels within an organization.

I bring experience and enthusiasm to building teams, setting goals, reaching targets, and developing budgets and controls.  I’m recognized for my talents in building confidence by making complicated things seem simpler, by turning incomplete data into information, and then shifting the focus from problem describing to problem solving.

Areas of expertise include:

Organizational Leadership | Business & Operational Planning | Change Management | Profit & Loss Management | Team Performance

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